Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fro Yo Fo Sho!

In the words of Rachel Ray YUM-O! Even before this made it into the ice cream maker I was excited by the flavor. This was the first time we FINALLY cracked open our ice cream maker (only 4 months after we got it). My kids can thank the Almost-Famous Frozen Yogurt recipe in Food Network Magazine for that! Every month they make a restaurant fav and Pinkberry fro yo was this months option. Did not disappoint at all! Those are the ingredients I used. I'm sure you'll notice I didn't have non-fat yogurt. I SWEAR I grabbed some in the store, but obviously I was wrong haha. I sprayed my measuring spoon with the Pam so the corn syrup rolled right off. Definitely using this recipe as the base for some yummyness!